Warsaw UNIT wakes up to life – Warta already in the skyscraper

The Warsaw UNIT has been officially unveiled. The highest skyscraper at Daszyńskiego Roundabout stands out for its timeless modernist architecture and state-of-the-art technological solutions. Warta insurance company has just moved into the skyscraper.

The Warsaw UNIT is the tallest building at Daszyńskiego Roundabout in Warsaw that was developed by Ghelamco company. Its unique design combines the modernist heritage of the capital with modern materials. Its podium is decorated by an unusual façade, so called “dragon skin”, which is made of thousands of tiles resembling scales, which react to every single gust of wind. Warsaw Unit offers 57 thousand square metres of modern office space on 45 floors. The skyscraper is located in the immediate vicinity of the “Rondo Daszyńskiego” metro station. The building provides infrastructure for cyclists: bicycle parking, changing rooms and showers. A multi-storey car park can accommodate 400 cars. Polish-Belgian Project Architecture Studio was the designer of the Warsaw UNIT. The building administrator is CBRE, an international consulting company, which has its own headquarters in the building.

Warta is the largest tenant of the Warsaw UNIT. One of the leading insurance companies in Poland has just moved to the building. The company occupies thirteen floors and 20 thousand sq m of office space at the top of the skyscraper. The contract was signed for a period of 10 years.

– We are moving to state-of-the-art office building in Poland, which confirms the company’s remarkable position on the market. I am glad that it symbolizes modernity and openness which are values we have been following every single day as part of our business – says Grzegorz Bielec, a member of Warta’s Management Board; and adds – We have been searching hard for a building which would provide us with extraordinary solutions and the best possible working environment for our team, and would be well connected both to various locations not only in Warsaw but to other Polish cities as well. The new headquarter provide us with opportunities to use our potential even more effectively. A multitude of co-working spaces, high standard of equipment and innovative technological solutions that the office building contains will support Warta’s continued growth. The selection of the new location was certainly affected by the ecological nature of the Warsaw UNIT, as well as a number of applied solutions which strengthen the health and safety of employees; something that plays a key role as part of the current pandemic situation.

– Warsaw UNIT is a building created for the future. The solutions applied as part of it will provide tenants with comfortable working conditions for many years. We are glad that the building has attracted Warta and CBRE companies. We are in the process of signing new contracts, about which we will inform you soon – says Jarosław Zagórski, Sales and Development Manager at Ghelamco Poland.

Technological advancement

Warsaw UNIT is one of the most technologically advanced skyscrapers in Poland. Signal OS, Ghelamco’s proprietary operating system, has been applied in the building. Signal OS can communicate with most internal applications and systems allowing for its unprecedented integration. Signal OS monitors, among others, HVAC, lifts, access control, parking management system, as well as air quality in the building. With Signal OS, users have access to a mobile application that provides, for example, access to the building and the ability to invite guests and book parking spaces.

Pandemic time

Warsaw UNIT has been equipped with innovative solutions that will enable the building to quickly move into the so-called pandemic mode. This special operating mode of the building was developed on the basis of Ghelamco’s internal analyzes. Additionally, the company commissioned a dedicated report including recommendations for building systems regarding COVID-19. The document was compiled by researchers from the Faculty of Building Installations, Hydrotechnics and Environmental Engineering at the Warsaw University of Technology.

Among others, UV lamps have been installed in lifts of the Warsaw UNIT (activated as part of “stand by” mode) and in air conditioning systems. Their application will ensure disinfection of space and air – UV radiation has a proven biocidal effect and destroys microorganisms and viruses in a brief time.


Warsaw UNIT has been pre-certified by the International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI) in the latest WELL v2 Core system, which takes into account mainly the well-being of its users. The building is also in the process of obtaining the WELL Health-Safety Rating, which evaluates the preparation of buildings for operation during a pandemic.

The building has the Green Building Standard certificate and is currently undergoing the advanced BREEAM environmental certification. The skyscraper has also been through the process of obtaining the “Barrier Free Facility” certificate.

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Warta moves its headquarters to Warsaw UNIT

Warta, one of the leading insurance companies on the Polish market, has become a strategic tenant of Warsaw UNIT. The company will occupy almost 20,000 sq. m of office space. This is one of the biggest lease agreements signed in recent years on the office market in Warsaw.


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