Warsaw UNIT with the WELL v2 Core pre-certification

Ghelamco is creating market trends again. Warsaw UNIT is the biggest project in Europe and the only skyscraper in Poland, which obtained pre-certification in the WELL v2 Core system.

Certification in the WELL v2 Core system is a new concept. Ghelamco was one of the first developers in Europe to start working on certification in this system. Interestingly, the pilot version of certification conducted by the developer was the basis for the final determination of its formula in the WELL v2 Core version, and the process conducted had a real impact on the final shape of the certification procedures.

The score obtained by Warsaw UNIT paves the way for receiving the final certification at the highest possible level. SWECO is responsible for supporting the Ghelamco team and coordinating the WELL certification process for the entire building.

The WELL Building Standard is a multi-criteria building certification system that focuses on the comfort of people inside the building. WELL considers primarily those parameters that affect the health and well-being of facility users. WELL™ is based on guidelines developed by the World Health Organization (WHO), U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), global Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency management agencies, and recognized organizations such as ASTM International and ASHRAE, as well as leading academic and research institutions.

WELL v2, on the other hand, is a development of WELL v1, drawing on the experience of users and practitioners, as well as the knowledge of researchers and health and construction experts from around the world. The following 10 categories are considered in the certification process: air, water, nutrition, light, movement, thermal comfort, acoustics, materials, mind and community.

Warsaw UNIT is a building full of modern technologies that will significantly increase the comfort and safety of its users.

The building’s users can, for example, use a mobile application, which is part of the Signal OS operating system. Among other things, the app allows you to access your office from your smartphone and invite guests. In an epidemic emergency, the app will inform users if the building is operating in what is known as pandemic mode.

This is because Warsaw UNIT uses innovative solutions that limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. In pandemic mode, the air conditioning system can only operate with fresh air. UV lamps have also been installed in elevators and ventilation systems to effectively disinfect their spaces.

Warsaw UNIT provides 57 thousand sqm of modern office space on 45 floors. Among its tenants are companies such as insurance tycoon Warta and CBRE, which is one of the world’s largest consulting companies operating in the commercial real estate sector.

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